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Recap of February 9th District Community Meeting

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9th District Councilman Doug Conner presided over the February 15, 2011 9th District Community Meeting at Southside Baptist Christian School, which covered the following issues in the community:

-RPD monthly report given by Lt. Angela Greene. One important issue noted is that the curfew for children under 18 is 11:00pm
-Representative Benjamin Lambert unexpectedly appeared and spoke briefly, commending Councilman Conner on the work he’s done in the 9th District.
-John Lewis, Reid Elementary, spoke on Reid Greenhouse Garden project
-Representative, Maritz Feliz-Reyes, from Public Works gave a presentation on Traffic Calming Projects planned for the 9th District.
-Alicia Zatcoff and Dr. Carolyn N. Graham, of City Human Services, gave a presentation on Richmond’s proposed ordinance and plans for community gardens.

Traffic Calming Projects are described as: speed cushions, traffic circles, splitters, chokers and raised crosswalks, and can be found installed around the district. Residential traffic circles have been installed at Boroughbidge Rd and Reedy Ave and and Bassett Ave. Splitters have been installed at Westbook Ave while Chokers – curb extensions that are found all over the Fan and Carytown – are now at Bainbridge sT and 27 St and at Perry St and 29th St. Raised crosswalks have been installed at 10th Street in Manchester. Projects to come include the areas of: Clearfield St between Orcutt Lane and Bryce Lane, Orcutt Lane between Hull St Rd and Booke Rd, and White Oak Dr. Construction expected to be completed in April 2011.

Reid Garden Greenhouse Project is the only greenhouse and community garden on Southside, and has the mission to bring awareness and education about agriculture to children of Reid Elementary and George Wythe High School to assist with crime prevention and encourage a healthy lifestyle. This community-wide project includes support from Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia State University, Richmond Behavioral Health Authority, Communities in Schools, City Parks and Rec, Access in Food, Inc, Richmond Public Schools, and Reid Elementary.

The public is encouraged to support this effort through volunteering or financial support, plus are invited to attend the following events:

March 26 – “Reid Planting Party” – students, parents, partners and community will participate in a gardening activity at Reid Elementary by helping to clean and restore the greenhouse and garden while planting spring crops and flowers.

April 18-22 – “Reid Earth Celebration” – Reid Elementary will be recognizing Earth Day during the week of April 18 by maintaing the greenhouse and garden, hosting Green educational speakers and participating in fun conservation and environmental activities.

June 11 – “Reid Greenhouse Open House” – Students, parents, partners and the community are invited to celebrate the reopening of the newly refurbished Reid Greenhouse and Garden. Participants will help to honor the students that helped coordinate this effort as well as community partners who have helped. Healthy foods and produce will be served.

City of Richmond Community Gardens are on their way to becoming a reality as described by Ms. Alicia Zatcoff in a recent presentation of “Richmond Grows Gardens” which is part of the Mayor’s Green Richmond Initiative”. As part of the Mayor’s plans to encourage healthy lifestyles, an ordinance will go before City Council on March 28, 2011 designating the creation of official community gardens in the city. Many will be located in the city’s low to mod income areas where few grocery stores are located, but unfortunately no plots were selected in the 9th District during this first round. After research by the City on which empty city lots that have been underutilized, it agrees to give these plots to organizations to manage either as one large plot or to be divided up and rented to many gardeners. There will be permit process including a nominal fee of $50 for the first year and $25 thereafter, and that the managing organization (nonprofit, community association, church, etc) must obtain insurance. While no sites have been chosen in the 9th District, the community is encouraged to recommend potential plots for future consideration.

Information can be obtained at:

The March Community Meeting for the 9th District is scheduled for Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 5:00pm
Southside Baptish Christian School
5515 Bryce Lane (just off the 5500 block of Hull Street Road)
Richmond, VA 23224


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